More details have been shown along with the new Pokémon  that were shown in the CoroCoro magazine and in the official information from Pokémon  Company International. I wanted to put this post on my blog earlier as the details were revealed around a week ago but due to technical errors I am putting this article out now.

This game which will most probably be a huge success is coming out on the Nintendo 3DS on October 12 worldwide.  It will be the first Pokémon game to come out on this generation of consoles and it will also be the first Pokémon  game with full 3D polygonal based graphics. Expect it to sell like hotcakes this October! Personally, I look forward to getting a Pokémon 3DS XL 😀

Here is the new trailer:

In this trailer we encountered new Pokémon  which I wrote about in my previous Pokémon  article. In the trailer we also saw the first Gym leader, Viola, in Santalune Cit. This gym leader looks like a Bug Pokémon  trainer. We will also meet her older sister, Alexa, whose role in the storyline has yet to be revealed.

What do you think about these new additions? Comment and tell me 😀

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