The Pokémon series is perhaps one of the most popular video game based franchise in the whole world! Technically, this Nintendo owned subsidy is 2nd only to Nintendo’s Mario! Originally Pokémon hit the world on Gameboy Colour, as two games published by Gamefreak Inc. and has become immensely popular among kids and grown ups alike! It has spawned more sequels, an anime, a trading card game and loads of merchandise! The Pokemon International Company oversees all details of this franchise outside of Japan and has revealed the latest news to us!

This year, Pokémon X and Y were finally revealed for this amazing series, the 6th generation of Pokémon games on the Nintendo 3DS after Pokémon Black and White 2 on the Nintendo DS. Carrying the tradition of 2 games (meant to encourage Pokémon trading), these games are expected to released worldwide in October 2013.  This will be the first game in the Pokémon series featuring 3D polygonal based graphics!

The French world of Kalos :P

The French world of Kalos 😛

The game is based in the fictional land of Kalos, a land inspired by the land of France! Previously only the teaser trailer was shown, along with some Pokemon but now more details have now been revealed, until the E3 conference arrives in 2 days time!

Kalos is a star shaped region and is the home of the 6th generation Pokémon game!

What a star!

What a star!

This game, like the previous games will feature the ability to meet and battle the Pocket Monsters, catch them and to use them in battle against other Pokémon trainers! Due to this game is the first game in full 3D, it will be a pretty top notch experience 😀 Gamefreak Inc. intends to make the battles more cinematic like the anime but will feature the flair of the old games and retain their charm!

Until now 11 Pokémon have been revealed, the creatures who will aid you in your journey to become a Pokémon Master!

The two flagship Pokémon had been revealed in the very start and now they grace the covers of these 2 games 😀

Pokemon Y featuring Yveltal!

Pokemon Y featuring Yveltal!

Pokemon X featuring Xerneas!

Pokemon X featuring Xerneas!













Xerneas – A Pokémon that resembles a deer, the letter X can be seen in the glint of its eye as well as its shape! This is the main legendary Pokémon in Pokémon X.

Yveltal – The legendary Pokémon of Pokémon Y, this Pokémon is shaped in the form an Y and is said to resemble a Wyvern!

The game Pokémon has always traditionally offered Starter Pokémon, ones that you start the game with and they are usually the ones who end up as your strongest Pokémon at the end of the game!


Here are the 3 Pokémon X and Y starter Pokémon:

1) Chespin:

This adorable thing packs a lot of Grass Power!

This adorable thing packs a lot of Grass Power!

This adorable Pokémon is of the grass variant and one that will probably stay with you throughout the game! Chespin has been revealed to be optimistic in nature, and a curiousity to match! It has a tough outer covering covering its back!

2) Froakie:

Always on the lookout, the Froakie!

Always on the lookout, the Froakie!

This is the water Pokémon that one can start out with! Froakie resembling a frog can jump really high and has a keen eye for its surroundings despite its apparent absentmindedness!

3) Fennekin:

Don't make it lose its temper

Don’t make it lose its temper

This majestic looking Pokémon is the fire starter, a Pokémon with a fiery and temperamental nature able to scorch its opponents and gain the upper hand!

Completely New Pokémon:

1) Pancham:

That is not it's tongue, its a leaf!

That is not it’s tongue, its a leaf!

This panda like Pokémon is of the fighting type and was first revealed in CoroCoro in May 2013! It has been classified as a naughty Pokémon, one that tries to stare down its opponents, a strategy that rarely works 😛

2) Gogoat:

Ride this through town!

Ride this through town!

This grass-goat type Pokémon has been classified as the first Ride Pokémon as it offers you the unique ability to ride it in town! Just like the bicycle was present in the previous games, Gogoat can be ridden through the town! Hee Haw, goaty!

3) Fletchling:

Little red non-riding bird :P

Little red non-riding bird 😛

This Robin Pokémon was also shown in CoroCoro, and fills the slot of a normal/flying type Pokémon! Quite a singer, this Pokémon can be quite ferocious in battle!

4) Helioptile:

Be sure to shock your souls!

Be sure to shock your souls!

A lizard like Pokémon that is electric in nature also made its debut in the CoroCoro magazine! It reportedly has a new move, Parabola Charge, that damages the opponent with electricity while healing itself! (Leecher!)

New Evolutions:

Evolution being a core process of Pokémon, it was undoubted that a new evolution of a past Pokémon out of the whopping 649 species was in the works!

1) Sylveon:

Another Eevee-lution!

Another Eevee-lution!

This pink Pokémon is yet another evolution of the famous Eevee or as one might say, an Eevee-lution and it makes an appearance in Pokémon X and Y as well as the short film: Pikachu and Eevee friends!

2) Awakened Mewtwo

MewTwo is back, with more weapons (psychic)!

MewTwo is back, with more weapons (psychic)!

This Pokémon created a lot of hype when rumours of its existence were leaked! The evolution of the legendary MewTwo, this Pokémon was later confirmed by Pokémon Smash to be a new Pokémon and finally as a form of MewTwo. We all look forward to this mighty beast 😀

Along with all these juicy Pokémon details, the gameplay trailer has also been finally unleashed!

As expected, these 2 games are expected to take the E3 by storm as even more details are revealed to the eager public! I hope you look forward to it! Also, a roundtable conference will take place before the E3 expo takes place! Although it will not be aired, we can expect more details to come our way!

Also, it has been revealed that by late 2013, a season for X and Y will be launching on the Pokémon anime, featuring Ash, Pikachu and friends!

In the end, all I have to say is that we caught them all before and we will definitely catch ’em again!

Gotta catch ’em all!