By the way, I know I am kind of too old for Toy Story 3 but I watched it and it was awesome!!! It was loosely based around what I just said about me being too old for toys basically saying that as you grow up, life goes on and the movie is great in all points with a very heartwarming ending! Disney and Pixar did good to the movie I watched when I was just a little kid 😀 I really recommend this movie to you and you should absolutely watch it! The 3D effects were also awesome as expected! You don’t need to have something pop out at you to enjoy 3D! This movie makes 3 dimensions so awesome by adding depth to the existing world of the lovable toys of Andy! I also enjoyed the short movie that was included in the theatrical release before the actual movie was shown!
Also I saw that advertisement of the upcoming Resident Evil movie and from the looks of it, you can expect it to be a movie filled of thrills, if it fulfills the satisfaction of the viewers right off the bat with its storyline 😀
I am going to publish a review on this soon and keep looking at this space for more updates! 😀 See you all around!