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More details have been shown along with the new Pokémon  that were shown in the CoroCoro magazine and in the official information from Pokémon  Company International. I wanted to put this post on my blog earlier as the details were revealed around a week ago but due to technical errors I am putting this article out now.

This game which will most probably be a huge success is coming out on the Nintendo 3DS on October 12 worldwide.  It will be the first Pokémon game to come out on this generation of consoles and it will also be the first Pokémon  game with full 3D polygonal based graphics. Expect it to sell like hotcakes this October! Personally, I look forward to getting a Pokémon 3DS XL 😀

Here is the new trailer:

In this trailer we encountered new Pokémon  which I wrote about in my previous Pokémon  article. In the trailer we also saw the first Gym leader, Viola, in Santalune Cit. This gym leader looks like a Bug Pokémon  trainer. We will also meet her older sister, Alexa, whose role in the storyline has yet to be revealed.

What do you think about these new additions? Comment and tell me 😀

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In a recent move, Microsoft has confirmed that it will be changing its controversial policies and will be adopting a pattern similar to what the PS4 has (they did not mention the Sony console obviously).

In a blog post titled “Your Feedback Matters – Update on Xbox One” on the Xbox blog, Don Mattrick, President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft has stated the changes that Microsoft will be making.

Basically, Xbox One is now Xbox One-80 😀 Being called as Xbox 180, this is funny in the fact that this is exactly the half of Xbox 360. Let’s go back to the point now!

I'm JUST half the man I used to be...

I’m JUST half the man I used to be…

Don Mattrick penned on his post, “For us, the future comes in the form of Xbox One, a system designed to be the best place to play games this year and for many years to come. As is our heritage with Xbox, we designed a system that could take full advantage of advances in technology in order to deliver a breakthrough in game play and entertainment. We imagined a new set of benefits such as easier roaming, family sharing, and new ways to try and buy games. We believe in the benefits of a connected, digital future” followed by how Microsoft had been listening to its fans:

“Since unveiling our plans for Xbox One, my team and I have heard directly from many of you, read your comments and listened to your feedback. I would like to take the opportunity today to thank you for your assistance in helping us to reshape the future of Xbox One.”

Apparently Microsoft is calling its policy reversal, a response to fans, a response that came very late after the initial backlash and only after the pre-orders started. Many people acknowledge that this move comes after the fact that Sony picked on the DRM aspect in their E3 concept and used it as leverage to boost their own console. Also this reversal probably comes after seeing the drastically low pre-order numbers of the Xbox One compared to the PS4 which was topping sales charts everywhere.

They are basically rescinding all of their previous controversial moves and replacing it with the DRM that the Xbox 360 adopts to this day.

  1. An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games“Now the Xbox One is not going to require an internet connection after the initial setup. The 24 hour check-ins have been abandoned, this coming a few days after the fact that Don Mattrick stated that gamers without proper Internet should stick with the Xbox 360 instead of purchasing the XOne
  2. Trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today –Unlike Microsoft’s previous announcements, this announcement declared that the Xbox One will have the same process of sharing games as on the Xbox 360 and that there will be no limitations on sharing games. Thus one can trade, lend, resell, gift or rent games as they desire.

This announcement also came with a revelation that this will be the first Xbox console to not feature any regional restriction. Xbox 1 (the original) and Xbox 360 both featured regional locks while Xbox One will not feature the same. This brings the Xbox One on par with the PS4 regarding DRM, mandatory internet connection and regional locks. The Wii U, although having no compulsory internet connection or DRM, is now the only home console to have regional locks.

Rent, gift, sell, etc. similar to on this console

What happened to the statement, “If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really  backwards” – Don Mattrick? And buy a Xbox 360 if you don’t have internet?  Any more condescending statements towards fans?

This move also comes with its own disadvantages. It has been revealed that the groundbreaking sharing functions that the Xbox One was going to offer will no longer feature in this console. Now you will not able to share your library of games with your family members online and there will be no network of shared games as suggested. So you can discard your idea of sharing your game with your best friend on the other side of the world.

Also you cannot share any of your downloaded games and any games purchased on Xbox Live will stay exclusive to your console. A mandatory game install will no longer be necessary and thus the game will be played from the disc. You also cannot play your own game from a friend’s house now that the online scheme has been abandoned while the fate of cloud processing is still unknown.

This mirrors the rumours that the PS4 was also planning a restrictive DRM plan with the PS4 but it was removed after seeing the backlash that the Xbox One faced. They although did not face bad publicity as DRM was never announced for the PS4 and this rumour will most likely remain a rumour. Microsoft on the other hand has done this a lot late,  many days after pre-orders started. This belated move has put Microsoft in a somewhat favourable light due to which their Xbox One pre-orders skyrocketed to the no. 1 spot for video games on Some fans still say that Microsoft has destroyed their trust and deterred them from purchasing an Xbox One.

What do you say? Has this move made you more likely to purchase an Xbox One? Comment below and tell me 😀

E3 is long over and gone and the cards have been revealed for all the big 3 companies and what they have planned for their respective consoles for the next 2 years. This article may be a bit late for the post E3 party, but we can still look at what we got this year, can’t we :D?

Microsoft is trying to conquer the living room as well!

Microsoft is trying to conquer the living room as well!

Xbox One had a decent conference by Microsoft where many different games were revealed while the display of other functionality was a at a minimum. The games were impressive and the lineup, nice enough to atleast be looked at once. The variety of the games shown On the other hand was not as varied with most games having a darker theme involving shooters, action-adventures and one racer. There was Titanfall, a shooter, Ryse: Son of Rome – an adventure and the highly awaited Halo 5, revealed as a cinematic trailer at the event. This does not cut the fact that a move to make games’ resale and lenting seriously limited was made by Microsoft along with a 24 check in. Microsoft also shocked many gamers and non-gamers alike by deciding a price point of $500, a whole $200 above the basic Wii U version!

This move may have come as a shot to the foot by Microsoft considering the fact that they are already facing considerable amount of backlash due to their DRM decisions and now they are the highest priced console in the market! Now Microsoft has finally done a 180 and declared that it is removing all the extra DRM from their console and removing the online sharing functionality.

This is finally gone (except the  Kinect bit)!

This is finally gone (except the Kinect bit)!

The Sony conference can be considered as a bigger success. The PS4 was revealed to be like a thinner and cooler looking Xbox One. Looks like besides the internal hardware, their game systems designs are also pretty similar. The Sony conference was full of gameplay trailers and many other videos that showcased the ability of the PS4. Square Enix also made a big entry on the stage as it announced Final Fantasy XV (previously Final Fantasy Versus XIII) and the much awaited numbered title in the Kingdom Hearts series, KH 3. These titles were not revealed as exclusives and were later revealed by Square Enix to be also coming on the Xbox One (a baffling move considering the fact that the Xbox One is hardly interested in FF and KH).

Only $100 cheaper for a more capable hardware!

Only $100 cheaper for a more capable hardware!

The intriguing part of this conference was that the main applause came for a move that has been expected in consoles since they were launched. The whole crowd went up in cheers went it was announced that the PS4 would not be having any sort of DRM implemented and gamers are free to lend, sell or rent their disks (the Wii also has this “function”)! Online connectivity is also not required for the PS4. Also, PS+ will now be required to play games online and this service is no longer free. Finally a price point of $400 was announced, a whole $100 above the Basic Wii U and a $100 less than the Xbox One. This puts Sony in a good position as it is cheaper than the Xbox One and boasts powerful hardware at a $100 cost more than the Wii U.

Funny how this announcement was the core of the Sony conference!

Funny how this announcement was the core of the Sony conference!

Nintendo on the other hand, avoided press conferences and relayed their game announcements through a Nintendo Direct, live streams that are becoming the wont of Nintendo these days. They avoided 3DS news and announced many different 1st party games for Wii U such as Super Mario 3D world, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, X, Super Smash Bros., Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and many more. Nintendo is boasting a great first party lineup by the end of this year with even more big hitters arriving in the year of 2014. The already announced Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 were also showcased. 3rd party titles were also shown as a amalgamation of videos. No price cut was announced.

Now this is what we call a fighting game!

Now this is what we call a fighting game!

One problem that the Wii U is facing currently is that it is lacking significant 3rd party support. Many publishes have discounted the Wii U as 7th gen or have left the Nintendo party citing low sales due to which not many 3rd party games are coming out on the Wii U. EA was one of the first companies to leave the Wii U despite announcing an “unprecedented partnership” with Nintendo around an year ago. EA is releasing its Fifa 14 on the Xbox One and on the PS4 along with the Wii but not on the Wii U. The game is also coming out on the Xbox 360,  PS3, PS Vita, PSP, PS2, iOS and Android (and they say Wii U is weak)! Ubisoft, a supporter of the Wii U has announced that it might scale back support till sales rise while Warner Bros. on a more positive note believes in the Wii U and will continue to bring its games to it.

As we can see, the Wii U is the cheapest of the 8th gen consoles at $300 while PS4 is at $400 and Xbox One is at $500.  It is the best option if one is looking for a cheaper 8th gen console or a console that plays Nintendo games. Nintendo Wii U is the only home for Nintendo’s console exclusive games and if one loves games such as Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Pikmin, Donkey Kong, etc. will probably buy the Wii U this holiday season. The Wii U has an advantage that it already has an install base of 4 – 5 million, a fact that will drive up game sales as the other consoles try to create a base.

Looks better and better as days go by, doesn't it?

Looks better and better as days go by, doesn’t it?

PS4 will also be a solid alternative considering the price is $400 and it is a very powerful console with a great lineup with games like Knack, Killzone and many more. PS4 will feature more 3rd party games than Wii U, good news who love their shooters and racers. Playstation 4 however is not sold with a PS Vita, a component required to use the 2nd screen features offered. The PS4 will be able to have slightly better graphics and physics as the PS4 is more powerful than the Wii U by a margin and than the Xbox One by a smaller margin.  The PS4 is available for pre-order and will be released sometime in the end of the year.

The Xbox One, is the most expensive console which being offered. Microsoft has made purchasing a Kinect compulsory, driving up the cost of the console. Although the console will now not feature its controversial DRM policy, many gamers are miffed by the fact that Microsoft decided to ignore its fans till the sale period when its pre-orders are considerably lower than the PS4. Microsoft will face a tough challenge as it tries to regain the trust of old fans and make new fans as well. The hefty price tag comes with a promise of games on par with the PS4 along with popular franchises such as Forza Motorsports and Halo.

According to me, the PS4 and the Wii U will be popular choices this year achieving similar sales, followed by the Xbox One. The Xbox One may try to win back the gamers but many have already chosen the PS4. Evening the playing field has made MS to not have a total failure on their hands which was possible looking at the gaming community. It’s games look nice and it is the home of Halo, but such a huge backlash will not easily subside

The PS4 will attract the crowd with its cheaper price than Xbox One and a great upcoming library of games. Gamers will also be influenced with the hardware the PS4 showcases.

The Wii U albeit weaker, is a true 8th gen console and looks attractive due to its lowest price point at $300. It is also the home of great franchises like Mario, Zelda, etc. and the fact that Nintendo is known to produce quality games with great innovation is a huge plus point. The Wii U E3 games displayed were definitively impressive and will sway many parents as well as adult gamers to purchase the Wii U as well.

Now it will definitively be remain to seen how the things truly come up. Sony has stated that demand may exceed supply and pre-orders for Xbox One and PS4 are filling fast. Nintendo can also expect a rush of console purchases in the holidays due to its great games.

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

After the Pokémon round conference roundtable conference, more details on the upcoming Pokémon  games have been revealed in the June edition of CoroCoro, a Japanese magazine. This information contained  non localized names of characters and Pokémon .

Don't crush me Snorlax... (ugh)

“Don’t crush me Snorlax… (ugh)” says Calem while Serena fondles her Sylveon!

4 new Pokémon  have been introduced:

The Bug type - Scatterbug!

The Bug type – Scatterbug!

Scatterbug (Japanese: Kofukimushi) is a bug type Pokémon that evolves into Spewpa. Spewpa then finally evolves into Vivillon, a butterfly like bug/flying Pokémon. This Pokémon can also been seen in the Pokémon Nintendo Direct trailer.

Spewpa is here!

Spewpa is here!

Another butterfly type evolution into Vivillion!

Another butterfly type evolution into Vivillion!













Litleo (Shishiko in Japanese) is a Fire/Normal Pokémon using the skill Noble Roar! This move can intimidate targets and lower their attack.

Litleo will crush foes with his liddle paws :D

Litleo will crush foes with his liddle paws 😀

Flabébé (Japanese: Furabebe) is one of  the fairy type Pokémon that are debuting in this game. It learns a move “Fairy Wind” whose purpose is yet unknown. It dinds a flower or a plant and defends that plant throughout is life! It is hinted that we might see these little critters grabbing onto other flowers throughout the land (remind you of Spinda?). It is also the smallest and lightest Pokémon till date.

Isn't this one cute? - Flabébé

Isn’t this one cute? – Flabébé

Noivern is a Pokémon which is of the dual Flying/Dragon type. This Pokémon is extremely combative towards Pokémon near it and is able to use ultrasonic sounds from his ears to navigate in the darkest nights. It is the first dual typed Pokémon to have Flying as its primary type.

Noivern - An Upcoming Flying/Dragon Pokémon

Noivern – An Upcoming Flying/Dragon Pokémon

The new rivals have also been introduced. As you could see from the first picture in this article, the two trainers are named Calem (male) and Serena (female). You can choose a male character, Serena will be your rival while Calem would be your rival if you choose a female character. The rival will be your neighbour as is the age old tradition of Pokémon.

Male Hero -Pokemon-X-and-YFemale Hero Pokemon-X-and-Y

These are the two rivals!








Many believe these too also be the official hero names but that is not confirmed. Also some screenshots have been seen where the name of the male character is Xavier while the female character is shown as Yvonne.

Xavier vs. Yvonne!

Xavier vs. Yvonne!

Other trainers who join you on your adventure were also revealed:

Shauna, Tierno and Trevor (Sana, Tieruno and Toroba in Japanese) are fellow trainers who join you on your adventure!  They all start their journey from the same town and can be expected to be encountered quite frequently upon your travels.

What do you think about these new additions? Comment and tell me 😀

Keep watching for more info on upcoming games and more reviews 😀


Day before yesterday on the 13th of June the E3 event finally ended. People exited the booths and the E3 was closed to the publics. The booths were removed and now preparation has been started to fulfill the promises of this E3 along with the preparations for the next E3 from June 10 to 12.

Nintendo had chosen to announce its games through a Nintendo Direct this year instead of a large scale press conference. Many games were announced, many people were pleased, some were not but it is fair to say that Nintendo has a pretty nice 1st party game launch ready for the year ahead along with the end of this year and that it is really expecting to boost its sales.

The Nintendo E3 booth as always was full of fun and laughter as people explored what Nintendo had to offer for this year as well as next year.

Over here is the software recap that Nintendo displayed:

If you missed E3, you can still see the above video as well as the E3 booth tour below!

E3 allowed the press i.e. the media to get a direct look at what the developers and publishers are planning. PS4 and Xbox One might have taken the spotlight being new console reveals, Nintendo was no slouch either and announced many great games. The E3 Nintendo booth was huge as can be seen also in the short tour given Satoru Iwata, the CEO of Nintendo,  in the the Nintendo Direct presentation.

As I mentioned earlier, so many great games were shown, such as:


Bayonetta 2

Super 3D Mario World

Wonderful 101

Pikmin 3

Mario Kart 8

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

and the greatly anticipated, Super Smash Bros.

The Super Smash Dojo was also opened the day of the announcement. You can see the character reveals there as they gradually are revealed.

The characters so far are: The veterans Samus, Mario, Link, Pit, Bowser, Kirby, Pikachu, Fox and Donkey Kong along with the newcomers, Wii Fit trainer, Villager and Mega Man (best of the 3 newcomers so far)!

Many 3DS games were also available at the E3 booth that were not shown in the Nintendo Direct:

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

Yoshi’s New Island

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Pokemon was shown in the Direct but was NOT available to play.

Finally as the E3 has ended, Nintendo has posted a recap and farewell video on its Youtube channel.

Watch as Nintendo recaps its fun fest at E3 and bids goodbye till next year to all E3 viewers!

Nintendo has also revealed that it might reveal more things to come in the Nintendo Directs it regularly holds so don’t be disappointed with the E3 presentation (if you are) and watch as Nintendo aims to please you with great games!

Keep watching my blog for even more articles! Huge influx of news and reviews: Coming Soon 😀